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Softball Hitting Tips How To Ace Slow Pitch Softball

August 16, 2012

Softball Hitting Tips How To Ace Slow Pitch Softball

In the United States and in other parts of the world, slow pitch softball is one of the most popular organized sporting games that is played, especially when softball players are not able to meet the grueling requirements of baseball.

More often than not, unlike in baseball, hitting is much easier when it comes to softball. Other than hitting, the other skills that this sports require are batting, pitching and catching. You can simply have your friends come over to form a team and play softball in any way you want or you have a choice to create a team and conduct softball tournaments. In addition, the bat, catcher’s mask and other equipment can be easily purchased in any sporting goods store.

So, if you want to know more about how to play slow pitch softball and how you can be the best that you can be in this sporting game,then, here are some softball hitting tips that you can take note of.

Good softball hitting skills begin with choosing the right bat. You must ensure that you would be able to grip the bat well and at the same time, it is easy for you to swing and hit with it. Once you are done selecting the proper bat for you, the next step to take would be to establish the right timing and amount of power when you hit the ball in slow pitch softball. If you want to generate the optimum amount of power that you can exert when you hit the ball, you would need to produce enormous speed when you swing the bat. It is also very important that you examine the body language of the pitcher as this may help you forecast how the ball would be thrown and how you are going to swing the bat. If you are able to harness your skills in carefully examining the pitcher, you would be able to predict the many pitching techniques and styles that the pitcher is allowed to use whenever she pitches the ball.

If you are able to carefully solidify your skills in predicting how the ball would be thrown, you can now work on hitting the ball at the right time with the optimum speed. Usually, the bats used in slow pitch softball weigh about twenty eight ounces but you should note that the speed that you exert in hitting the ball is more crucial compared to the weight of the bat.

Another thing that you should deem as important when improving your batting skills is the way you grip the bat, which is different for each softball player as this is dependent on how they would like to handle the bat and how they are comfortable with doing it. An example of how to handle the bat is having two or three fingers of your top hand overlap with your lower hand, which is known to produce good softball hitting speed.

When you swing the bat, make sure that your shoulder is lifted and should never ever drop back in its previous position. Remember to focus on how you thrust the ball and finish your swinging motion.

As with any other sports, slow pitch softball requires you to be physically fit. Hence, it is very important for you to have regular exercise. You must ensure that your body stays in tip top condition in order to be consistent in hitting the ball with the optimum speed and power.

If you are able to apply the tips that I just shared with you, it would be ensured that you would be able to hone your softball hitting skills without any risks of injuries. But you must also ensure that while you improve your playing skills, you must also have fun and enjoy playing the game.


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